FAQs about Rio Summit 1992

9. What are the criticisms about the Rio Summit 1992?

The main failure of the Rio Summit 1992 is that most of the documents that came out of it are not binding, that is, they are not mandatory and therefore have not achieved their objectives. The cause of this is that countries appeal to their sovereignty and therefore do not accept supranational mandates.

In times of the Third Earth Summit, Johannesburg, South Africa-2002, there was a harsh criticism of climate conferences, made no less than by the creator of the First Earth Summit, Stockholm Sweden, 1972. On a cable The Efe Agency, published in El Universo.com, Sverker Astrom said: “The large global conferences played their role… They have become inefficient, too expensive, produce fewer positive results and impede development due to the need for consensus … It is time to move to regional and functional levels where groups of nations meet to solve regional or specific problems in common.”

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