FAQs about COP22 Marrakech 2016

6. Was progress made in the Green Fund to finance the fight against Climate Change at COP22?

The Green Climate Fund, which is ready to fund the poorest countries in the fight against climate change, announced the approval of two proposals for the formulation of national adaptation plans: Liberia to receive US $ 2.2 million and Nepal to receive US $ 2.9 million. Another 20 countries are expected to have their approvals, as soon as possible, to receive up to US $ 3 million each. Salaheddine Mezouar, president of COP22, said: “It will be necessary to respect the commitment of US $ 100 billion from now until 2020. Given the magnitude of what is needed to cope with the impacts of climate change … 2017 has to be the year of large-scale projects, the mobilization of funding, and access to the financial funds that will be needed for adaptation. ”

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