FAQs about COP24 Katowice 2018

9. What are the conclusions of COP24?

All the countries that signed the Paris Agreement have ratified the document, including the United States.

The “Katowice Package” was agreed, a kind of procedures manual or roadmap for the operationalization of the fight against climate change included in the Paris Agreement.

The deficiency of ambition required to confront climate change was confirmed, which is seen as catastrophic if it is not act on time.

Likewise, the Fifth Report of the IPCC was not welcomed by the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This is equivalent to rejecting and ignoring the scientific studies carried out in the last ten years.

The general opinion is that during the COP24 little progress was made in proportion to the urgency necessary to avoid a climate catastrophe.

WWF Spain sums it up this way: “the world leaders came to Katowice with the task of responding to the latest climate science data, which has made it very clear that we only have 12 years to reduce emissions by half and avoid warming catastrophic global Progress has been made, but what we have seen in Poland reveals a lack of fundamental understanding of the current climate urgency on the part of some countries. Everyone’s future is at stake. We need all countries to commit to increasing climate ambition by 2020.”

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