Facing reality has always been humanity’s hardest task

Throughout the most important climate event of all time, COP26 (31 Oct – 12 Nov 2021), it is possible that humanity’s fate may be decided.

This article that you are now reading, I dedicate it to you and to all the young people and I invite you to be very attentive to the crucial meeting. If you have an influencer friend, talk to him so that he can do his bit and help things end happily in the Scottish city.

There are many doubts regarding COP26 and being able to smooth the agreements to finally put the Paris Agreement into motion. It is probable that after reading “it is possible that humanity’s fate may be decided”, you turn around and return to the comfort of your networks or video games, simply because it is not easy to assimilate the harsh reality. If this is your case, and that of your friends, I tell them that they are not the only ones, since ancient times Homo sapiens has struggled with this existential consciousness, an exclusively human condition.

You have never asked yourself: Why do humans flee from reality? Why has this attitude intensified 2X, 5X or 10X during this newly started 21st century?

The answer to this last question can be found in the phrase “the life we know will never be the same”, as Steve Jobb predicted with extreme accuracy when presenting his iPhone, the world’s first smartphone, in such recent times like 2007. If you are 19 years old today, then you were barely 5. It can be said that you were born with an intelligent cell phone in your hand.

Returning to COP26, its objective is closely linked to the central objective of the Paris Agreement, to maintain the increase in global temperature at 1.5 ºC by the end of the century, starting from the temperature of 1750.

To ensure the success of COP26, it is necessary for all countries to commit to making significant cuts in CO2 emissions by 2030 and reaching zero net emissions by 2050. To accelerate this, The Race to Zero is an initiative aimed at providing the Paris Agreement with a foundation based on the “real economy”, with a new focus on the fight against climate change.

To meet the central objective of the Paris Agreement, it is essential to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Now we have the opportunity to take advantage of the high prices of fossil fuels and move towards clean energy such as solar, wind and green hydrogen. In this way, we can turn something bad into something good.

If electricity becomes too expensive, it is time to install solar panels on the roof of your house. If gasoline is priceless, it is the time of electric cars. There are solutions to the crisis

Are you interested in being aware of all this or do you prefer to flee from reality? There are already many young people who have been activated and joined the fight against climate change. You also can. It’s not that difficult. Think about it.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss